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From Wednesday till Friday from 1:30 pm till 6 pm and on Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 11 am till 6 pm. Closed every on Monday and Tuesday, as well as between December 25th and January 1st, and on May 1st. The museum is not opened the holidays situat
56 rue de Paris
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3,50€/Free for them - of 26 years and + of 65 years

This archaeological museum of Val-d'Oise, contemporary architecture, overhangs a square and has a dialogue by a big plate glass window with the tower Saint-Rieul, which welcomed for a long time the first museum of Louvre. It is before any a functional building, which the functions of center of preservation, exhibition and animation of the archaeology in Country of France.

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The permanent exhibition approaches the evolution of the Country of France through the result of archaeological researches led for 40 years.

The permanent exhibition is distributed on 2 levels of the archaeological museum and sequenced by big chronological periods and thematic sections. Its scenography presents objects following several levels of reading so as to stay within the reach of the largest number.

Temporary exhibition:Futur previous, archaeological treasures of the 21th century ap. J.-C.futur anterieur

What will it remain of us in 2000 years? That would understand of our lifestyle of possible archaeologists of future? The exhibition previous Future plunges you in the year 4000, in full archaeology-fiction. From Friday, June 15th till Sunday, October 7th, 2018.
4003, the 21th century is not more than a past for a long time forgotten. The written and media memory was erased, victim of its too fragile supports. The plastic and other synthetic materials did not either resist the centuries. Metal, glass fragmentary objects, in cooked or stone earth, dug up here or there, accidentally remain only. Basing itself on these tiny, precious and moving testimonies, the archaeologists restore our world, sometimes aptly, sometimes by making a mistake, necessarily.

Previous future gives pause for thought, and makes laugh. The visitors discover it familiar objects, skilfully transformed into archaeological relics, stemming from Switzerland for many, place of origin of the exhibition but who are a member just as much of our everyday life. These vestiges are restored and interpreted according to rigorous logics but not always justified, when the shovel is classified with stoves, where the cartridges of rifle are phials, the watering can a vase of splendor, and where garden gnomes doubtless represent notables or priests. A way of showing that the archaeology, that it concerns the past or the future, always conjugates in the imperfect.