Village of Châtenay-en-France

The municipality of Châtenay-en-France dominates the Plain of France.

Its history is inseparable of that of the parish. From the beginning of the Middle Ages, the bishop of Paris names the priests of this Merovingian foundation under saint Martin's word.

The first church was burned by the Huguenots during the religious wars. She is reconstructed in 1578.

In the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries, the municipality of Châtenay-en-France lives on the agriculture and on the exploitation of the gypsum.
We found some fish in the fishponds of the wood of Châtenay. Since 1989, the municipality is a conservation area.

The village counted seven farms on the eve of the revolution. The only one still stands.


  • chateau-chatenay-en-franceThe castle of Châtenay

The castle big neo-classic called house " castle of Châtenay ", became a place for the seminaries. The former farm of the XVIIIth century, which we can see still in the village of Châtenay-en-France. His buildings surround a paved yard.


  • The church of Martinmas - on 1784-1786.

The neo-classic church was built by Jacques Cellerier one of the architects of the church of Madeleine in Paris.