Sherwood Park

Situated right in the heart of the Natural reserve Régional Oise-Pays of France, in 28 km from Paris, Sherwood Parc welcomes you all year long.

Sherwood Park, the Adventure... Life-size!

Plus qu'un parc accrobranche : un parc à thèmes multi-activités!

Sherwood Park it is:

  • 173 workshops perched in the accessible trees at every level, of the beginner in the most sports. Interactive terminals arranged on routes allow you to contribute for the huge quiz on the legend of Robin Hood and the nature conservation.
  • For the youngs of less than 6 years, the routeof the perched children is a succession of 20 workshops in trees, without particular equipment. In spite of a low height on the ground, your children will live sensations identical to the big.
  • 3 travel riddles educational on the ground, intended for all the ages.
  • A soft play area giants (use according to ages).
  • A playground Paint ball: 5 grounds fitted out on 5 ha to give itself outdoors, in this game in the strong sensations!!! Compulsory reservations for guaranteed feelings...
  • An area of game of Laser Ball (Laser Game outdoor)
  • Lady Marianne's inn to restore you with a choice of menus so delicious as fast to taste(to have a rough time,to savour).
  • Evenings and punctual attractions all year round.

Sherwood Parc - Viarmes
Chemin des Rouliers-95170 Viarmes
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