"Hérivaux "

Abbey of Hérivaux

The Mecca of prayer

Situated in a moved back valley traveled by the brook of Flâche, the Abbey Notre-Dame of Hérivaux is based by 1180 by Ascelin, Lord de Marly-la-Ville, said the Hermit..

After the Revolution, a part of the remaining buildings is transformed into residence of campaign by the new owner Benjamin Constant who buys him in 1796 to receive Mrs de Staël there.

Property deprived, some ruins of the church are still visible of the road, as well as a tower of neogothic style raised in 1820 on concise elements to serve as outbuildings.

The former farm is visible on the left. Of big dimensions, she is remarkable by her barn in tithes classified in 1998 and her dovecote. This private domain is at present the property of a blacksmith and a breeding of donkeys.

The former mill, the private property, is a little bit set back in a wood on the brook of Flâche.


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