The church "St Côme – St Damien"

Parochial church of Luzarches

Classified as "Historic Monument" in 1912
église St Côme St Damien Luzarches

Situated east of Luzarches, the parochial church St Côme - St Damien testifies by his bedhead of five centuries of architecture, the XIth in the XVIth century.

Built on a former Gallo-Roman then Carolingian building dedicated to St Barthélémy, she appears from the VIIIth century under St Côme's word - St Damien, twin brothers, bosses of the doctors.

His picturesque aspect is due to the harmonious juxtaposition of Romanic, Gothic elements then the Renaissance.

The west wall, the work of the architect Nicolas de Saint Michel, finished in 1551 is the most remarkable part. The portal, richly decorated, is typical of the 2nd revival.

Big one part of the internal furniture evokes Sts-Como and Damien (paints, sculpture, .....)

A Banner, classified, of the XIXth century gives evidence of the vitality of the traditional pilgrimage St Côme-St Damien of the medical professions, in the end of September. Disappeared after the war, this one exists again.


St Damien and St Côme

Patrons saint of the surgeons

Hans Süß von Kulmbach 001Saint Côme and saint Damien are two twin brothers, born in the IIIth century in Arabia. Their profession of doctor supplies them the opportunity to exercise a real apostolate. The divine grace gave them the gift of supernatural cures: the blind persons recovered the view, the lame walked straight ahead, the deaf persons heard. All this, they made him by pure charity, never receiving any remuneration.

But one day we accused them of seducing the people and of making leave the temples of the gods. They were precipitated down from a rock into streams; but an Angel smoothed over waters and transported the martyrs in the bank. Both martyrs were thrown in a burning furnace; but they walked as on flowers there. After many of the other tortures, the prefect made them cut the head.


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