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Luzarches rich in Heritage

By traveling the streets of the city, discover the brook Popelin and the brook of Pontcel, the wash houses, the drinking trough, the mills... Admire the villas of the XIXth century with their architecture and their gardens giving onto alleys, built by bourgeois families come take advantage of the peace of the campaign.

Small rural heritage and villas witnesses of the everyday life

  • The wash house said about the small fountain

    Today included in the property of Rocquemont belonged to the hotel-God which was nearby, at the south exit of the city. The pond was fitted out it in the XVIIth century and covered afterward.
  • Wash house of Rocquemont says of the big fountain

    This big wash house of 1817 was originally roofed small tiles of country and possessed a home to boil the linen. His spring remains clear.
    Luzarches lavoir de Rocquemont 2


  • The seigneurial mill

    Called mill of Bécherel or mill of Luzarches is mentioned since 1230. The wing, in the face of the entrance and closing the court, includes the lodging house which is the oldest part of the mill, and could go back to the XVIIth century. He stopped his activity of milling only at the beginning of the XXth century.
  • Drinking trough 1736

Abreuvoir This municipal drinking trough, paved and surrounded with a wall, served to make drink horses, cows, sheeps, and to refresh the people, it is dried up today.

  • The wash house of Gascourt

    Restored in 2004, is established on a brook which feeds the brook Popelin. Only the pavement and some stones are of origin.
  • The water mill of Bertinval

    Mentioned from 1238, is, at the very beginning of the XVth century, associated with a seigneurial hotel. This manor house, still readable on the plans of the end of the XVIIIth century, does not exist any more today and the whole mill was largely reconstructed during the XIXth century. The mill stopped its activity in 1870.


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