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The celebrities of Luzarches

Writers, composers and musicians, painters and " people of cinema ", architects are bound to the life of Luzarches.

Robert de Luzarches (on 1160? -1222)frpi061

Robert de Luzarches, initiator of the construction of the cathedral of Amiens

Medieval architect of the cathedral of Amiens.

Robert de Luzarches, medieval architect of the XIIIth century, born in Luzarches (?). He was the first civil architect, the military engineer. He has built the church of the abbey of Port-Royal-des-Champs in the Cistercian style, but especially Robert de Luzarches is the initiator of the construction of the cathedral of Amiens.

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Sophie Arnould  sophie arnould

(Paris 1740-Paris 1802)

French opera singer, pupil of Marie Fel and of Clarion, she belongs to the Opera from 1757 till 1778, assuring the main occasions and the creations there among which those from " Iphigénie to Aulide " and of "Orpheus" (role of Euridice) of Gluck in 1774.
After a tempestuous life, Sophie Arnould withdraws to Luzarches where she buys a former abbey which she names "Le Paraclet". 

Benjamin Constant de Rebecqueconstant benjamin

(Lausanne 1767-Paris 1830)

Writer and French politician. Adapter of "Wallensteris" of Schiller, he is also the author of a voluminous treaty " Of the religion considered in his source, its shape and its developments ". His offspring especially held the work of the intimist novelist: "Adolphe", " The red exercise book " and "Cécile".
Opposite to Bonaparte, in 1794 Benjamin Constant goes away from Paris and lives in Luzarches where he made build a country house on the ruins of the former abbey of Hérivaux.

Madame de Staël, Germaine Necker, baronne de Staël-Holsteinmadame de stael

(Paris 1766-Paris 1817)

Girl of Necker, French woman of letters. Child prodigy, she makes up in 11 years The Praises "and in 15 years comments"on The spirit of the Laws ".
His work consists of: "of the influence of the Passions on the happiness of the individuals and Nations" on 1796, "Of the literature considered in its reports with the social institutions" on 1800, and by a novel "Delphine".
From the beginning of the revolution, she opens her lounge of the street of the Tub to politicians of different trends. It is so, as she meets Benjamin Constant. When this one lines up in the opposition and goes away from Paris, she accompanies him and settles down to Hérivaux with him.

Erik Satieerik satie

(Honfleur 1866- Paris 1925)

 French musician, pianist in the cabaret the "Black cat", he is encouraged by Debussy with whom he makes friends. His first works inspired by the will of medieval and mystic counting, are for the piano: 4 Diagonal ribs (1886), 3 Sarabands (1887), 3 Gymnopédies (1888), 3 Gnossiennes (1890). Later, he approaches a totally different music style with in particular the ballet "Relâche" (1924) Or the music of the movie René Clair's "Entr' act".
Erik Satie often came to Luzarches to visit her friend and opera singer Paulette Darty that he had known in 1902 and for which he compromised of the music.

Louis Jouvetlouis jouvet

(Crozon 1887-Paris 1951)

Actor and French director.
After studies of pharmacy, he obtains his diploma in 1916. It is in this period that he lives in Luzarches where he exercises this profession.
He approaches the theater by means of the melodramas which he plays in local cinemas, then the Comedy of the Champs-Elysées with Knock ( 1923 ).
From 1928, Louis Jouvet stands out by going up "Siegfried" de Jean" Giraudoux author whose several rooms he will create. His(her,its) talent also practices(is also applied) the cinema in "Topaz ( 1931 )", " Knock " ( 1933 ), " Funny drama " (1937), "Stage door" " Hotel of the North " (1938), " Volpone " ( 1939 ), " Quay of the silversmiths " (1947).

Blanche Montel, Rose Blanche BénardMontel

(Tours 1902-Luzarches 1998)

Famous artist of the silent movies, she rose for the first time on stage at the age of 2. His first movie in 1913 is "The girl of Delf". Numerous movies will follow, in particular "The affair of the mail of Lyon" (1923) "The beautiful nivernaise" (1924) Or "After love" (1925). Blanche Montel also became famous in plays "as The vineyards of the Lord" (1923) Or "only Rider" (1938). His leading role in a talking film dates 1930 "The inhabitant of Arles". His film career ended in 1943 with "The man of London" staged by his husband Henri Decoin.
Blanche Montel spent last years of his life to Luzarches at his son Jacques Decoin.


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