Robert of Luzarches

Robert de Luzarches, initiator of the construction of the cathedral of Amiens

450px-Robert luzarchesRobert de Luzarches, medieval architect of the XIIIth century, born in Luzarches (?). He was the first civil architect, the military engineer. He has built the church of the abbey of Port-Royal-des-Champs in the Cistercian style, but especially Robert de Luzarches is the initiator of the construction of the cathedral of Amiens.

Chosen as his art of drawings and models, Robert de Luzarches was committed on this construction site by 1220. He drew the plan of the cathedral foundations of which he put.
Robert de Luzarches reduces at the most the number of templates useful for the construction of the nave and the transept, what accelerates the construction site. He builds at first the nave, contrary to the habits when we were built in the first one the chorus.

The sucesseurs of Robert de Luzarches

Robert de Luzarches had successors in the construction of this Gothic cathedral Thomas de Cormont and Renaud, his son, who, by following scrupulously the primitive plan, produced a harmonious work.

A citation, " Maîstre Robert estait només and of Luzarches surnomés, maîstre dark of the people ", made in 1288 in the "labyrinth" declared that the construction had begun in 1220, and the names of " Robert, conscript of Luzarches ", as architect, and as well as his successors, Thomas de Cormont and his son Renaud, appear to it.


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