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Protected areas

Multiplicity of the landscapes

The multiplicity of the landscapes on the territory is remarkable.
Between the urban landscapes of the Plain of France and the big forests picardes, wood and valley of the river Ysieux, tributary of the Oise, and deliver a landscape to the varied atmospheres, consisted as a rich green mosaic: plant cocoon around villages, tray(plateau) dominating the valley of the Oise, the sinuous paths along streets, clearings, cultivated fields, feed and grasslands, afforestation, truck farming...

Protected areas

A will asserts itself to protect this environment. Several zones are classified and protected for their fauna and their flora, their streams.

  • Valley of Ysieux
  • Ecological corridor " Massif of Chantilly-Forêt of Carnelle "
  •  Natura 2000 ( www.natura2000.fr ) : networks of ecological sites set up by the U.Ezones-protegees-bois-humide
  • Zones humides sensibles :
    * Wet wood of Plessis-Luzarches: woody wet Zone about 1 ha situated in a zone of spring; classified since 2003; 45 sorts of birds of which the rare variable buzzard in Ile-de-France; 8 sorts of butterflies and 3 sorts of Batrachians of which the agile frog; 105 floral sorts were observed.
    * Hillsides of the vineyards of Châtenay-en-France. Surface of 3,9ha among which 0,75 open to the public. Access on request to the city hall (01 34 71 19 93).


Special protection area

A part of the territory of Luzarches is included in the site " Massifs of three forests and wood of king " classified as ZPS (Zone of special protection). The forest of Coye presents a strong floral interest.

ZNIEFF (Natural Zones of Ecological Interest, Faunistique and Floral) typifies 1: wet Circles " Le Gouy " and "La Flâche", classified in 2007 compounds of lands, wood, copses and meadows.


Site of ecological interest

Crossroads " Crochet de Coye "; " puddle of 4 acres "; " hillsides of Chaumontel "; " mill of Luzarches "; " wood of Tremblay " and Mounds witnesses, bait of the valley of Ysieux; Châtenay-en-France; Mareil-en-France; St Martin-du-Tertre.


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