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The valley of Ysieux

Source of wealth and freshness

In only 30 km from Paris, this green valley is lined in the North by the Forest of Coye, foretaste of the vast forest of Chantilly, and in the South by the hills of Mareil-en-France, Jagny-undergrowth, Châtenay-en-France.

These charming villages in the middle of farmlands, training a vast patchwork of cereal, truck-farming crops, orchards and feed on which the cattle made way for horses, since the recent disappearance of the last farms, are the witnesses of a valley which is populated since the most moved back times.

The Ysieuxl-ysieux

Ysieux is long about 16km. She rises in Marly-la-ville and throws itself into Thève near the abbey of Royaumont then into Oise. She is directed EAST-WEST except for Luzarches where she turns in an elbow the South-North. This river can be called " river in 8 mills ". Indeed, 8 water mills were distributed on his course.

His course is for its quasi-whole lot in the regional natural reserve Oise-Pays of France.
Ideal for a bucolic walk on its banks where wash houses, bridges, memories of mills will surprise you.


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