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The castle of Chantilly

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The castle of Chantilly raises itself in the heart of a vast domain of 7 800 hectares of lands situated within one of the biggest forests of the neighborhood of Paris, massif of Three Forests (Chantilly, Halatte, Ermenonville)...

This domain was established since the Middle Ages by the owners of Chantilly.

chateau-chantilly.jpgParc du chateau de Chantilly
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The castle of Chantilly is one of the jewels of the French heritage. It is also the work of a man in the exceptional fate: Henri of Orléans, duke of Aumale, son of the last king of the French, Louis-Philippe. This prince, considered as the biggest collector in his time, made of Chantilly the case of his uncountable masterpieces and precious manuscripts. The castle crossed the centuries such as the duke of Aumale bequeathed him in 1886 to the Institute of France, the ideal opportunity to begin a journey in the time in full heart of a princely house. In homage to his(her,its) illustrious predecessors the Princes of Cop, the duke of Aumale called this set " Condé museum ".

The castle of Chantilly houses one of the most beautiful museums of former paints after the Louvre and very rich library of rare and precious books.

The Castle of Chantilly with the Condé Museum, that is :

  • 1 000 paints
  • 2 500 drawings
  • 2 500 engravings
  • 30 000 books among which former
  • 12 000 printed matters
  • 1500 manuscripts


The Castle of Chantilly with the Park and the gardens, that is:

  • The French Garden of It Ours (XVIIth century): flowerbeds and fountains, Vertugadin, the Big Degree and its waterfall.
  • The Small Park (in the beginning of the XVIIIth century): the Snakes and ladders, the house and Sylvie's pond.
  • The English-Chinese Garden (in the end of the XVIIIth century): its small canals, the houses of the Hamlet and his restaurant.
  • The Landscape garden (in the beginning of the XIXth century): the island of Love, the temple of Venus, the lake of Swans and fountains of Beauvais.



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