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Sherwood Park

Sherwood Parc - Viarmes
Chemin des Rouliers-95170 Viarmes
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Abbey of Royaumont

The Abbey of Royaumont, diamond of Val-d'Oise

Built in 1228 by king Saint Louis, she belongs to the Foundation Royaumont today.
Since the park in the raised paths, we notice immediately a curious building divided into two by a channel(canal), latrines. Then we penetrate by the passage-visiting room into the magnificent Gothic convent which opens on the dining hall of the monks and the kitchens to

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The castle of Chantilly

The castle of Chantilly raises itself in the heart of a vast domain of 7 800 hectares of lands situated within one of the biggest forests of the neighborhood of Paris, massif of Three Forests (Chantilly, Halatte, Ermenonville)...

This domain was established since the Middle Ages by the owners of Chantilly.

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The Condé museum

Henri d'Orléans, Count of Aumale, Duke of France, son of France's "Citizen-KingLouis-Philippe d'Orléans, leave the Château de Chantilly with the entire collections to the French Insitute. The Musée Condé or Condé Museum consists of rooms convert in museum but also the former big and small apartments set up on the XVIIIth  and XIXth centuries by the Princes of Conti and by the the Count of

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Horse museum

In the Big Stables discover the Horse Museum to whipped cream, you can admire more than two hundred objects there telling the importance of the horse from the beginning of civilizations...

At the same time ethnological, historic and artistic, this new space will present the report between the horse and the man through important subjects such as the hunting, the technical progress, the art, the

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Castle of Ecouen - National Museum of the Renaissance

The castle of Ecouen, situated in Val-d'Oise, and which offers a magnificent panorama on the plain of France, thrown to the meeting of the forest of Chantilly, shelters the exceptional collections of the national Museum of the Renaissance today. 

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ARCHEA museum

This archaeological museum of Val-d'Oise, contemporary architecture, overhangs a square and has a dialogue by a big plate glass window with the tower Saint-Rieul, which welcomed for a long time the first museum of Louvre. It is before any a functional building, which the functions of center of preservation, exhibition and animation of the archaeology in Country of France.

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Park Astérix

The Park Astérix proposes you several attractions where sensations and delight make an appointment with the youngest ... but without ever frightening them too much.
With its authentic populated Gallic Village of inflexible, its animations of streets and its shows époustouflants for big and petitbonum, the Park Astérix waits for you in its 39 attractions of madness which will collect your

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